The young lady I met

Image credits: Google images illustrated by Christal Ferrao 

Welcome to the sandy shores that hold palm trees upright always. This place has tiled roofs and seafood. The people of the land are remembered for their smiling faces that makes one want to live there forever. I visited this place a couple of weeks back and met a young lady there. I knew her as a young school girl; but today she has grown up. I had my regular conversations with her; and suddenly, there was something that emerged from our talk. I saw her cheeks had dimples on it. I felt like it had been rubbed with rose petals. Her belly was restless as if feathers were moving in it. She hesitated first; then she said, “If you could spare me some time I have something to tell you.”
“I have studied the complex mind of people, stories of oppression and emancipation; and discussed about the government and films in the country. People should know me as a dedicated worker and professional inspiration. But after all these mind games; I suddenly plug my earphones into my ears. All I want to do is, listen to slow songs that exhilarates my heart and make it seem like there is a cool soothing breeze that is swaying around me. I cannot explain about this, but it happens to me.”
She explained all these to me. Nelson Mandela says, “We have to be taught to hate, but it is possible to love without being taught. Because love is natural to the human heart.” And this girl was probably driven by this. But, till some point in time this love is explicated through our relationships with family and friends. The time one has the right to vote or drive a car, you began associate love for its role in finding your life partner. This seems to be a central focus. But I do not know whether this young lady was going through a similar experience. 

She looked into my eyes, and suddenly she stopped smiling. I wondered what had happened to her. Did she lose her hope in love? And when I was about to speak, she said, “I am in love”.  And before I could fuel my curiosity, she spoke again. “People around me always tell me to seek love in places that are similar like me; where they eat, speak and pray just like I do. I try, but each time this happens my eyes simply lose focus. It only seeks what my heart desires. And my heart see’s such similarity not in such places, but in areas that seem to be a stark contrast to mine. Is it true, since they say opposites attract? I really do not feel so; since I feel among all these differences I can relate to someone, speak to and understand this person like no one else. I never felt the same with the one’s suggested by those people.”

“I have travelled across states; but I do not want to blame this travel. It is in this palm leafed state that excites my heart when I see a person who is so different according to people; yet I can converse with the person.” It seems great to be in love without any barriers, I thought. Later she added, “But do you know what is worse? It is when you have conversations with someone regarding the most relevant and silly topics; yet these perceptual distinctions created by society makes you reluctant to express your feelings of love. And the feeling remains till your throat, and is not uttered. And you do not want to be in love any longer. This makes you sad. What is even worse is that because you could not express yourself; you seem to lose out on love, loving the person you thought would be yours. But they are not yours, since you have not done anything to make them feel so; neither has the other expressed their feelings to you. You do not want to speak to anyone; neither the soft music that plays thrills you now.”  

I began to feel uncomfortable; since I could not respond to my friend. I am a college girl like her; it’s just that I study in another city. All I did was moved my lips; I did not know whether to pout or smile. I was about to tap her on the shoulder to tell her I understand what she means. But, as I thought of doing it I could hear her speak again. “I want to be the voice of people on television, I also want to make my presence on the silver screen, and I want to participate in the decision making procedures in the country. But sometimes when I just sit down and feel satisfied with my career, I know my heart is travelling in search of something. Perhaps I know what is it, but just cannot explain this. And when I do not get it immediately, or do not find anyone around I want to just stop letting my mind wander in this area of thought. I feel like living my life solo, all by myself. I need no one, only me,” she began turning restless. I seemed to feel useless, since I could not respond. I glanced at my phone and said that I had to make a move immediately. 

I walked a few steps. Then I turned to see her. Her cheeks seemed like the rose petal scrub was still stuck to her face. But this time her eyes were damp and wrinkled. I turned to move ahead and thought, “We are so similar, her story seems like mine now. But there is one thing, just like people, love is so complicated.”  


She has a story to tell………

WomenImage sources: Google images, illustrated by Christal Ferrao


The world is introduced to “the father of”. This concept opines that male is the brainchild of the new motor vehicle, government reforms and creative ideas. Here is a look at some female authors who have made the mind burn with the words that tell a tale.


Arundathi Roy

A palace is greater than a room; a huge city is preferred to a town. Likewise, we are in search for the big and do not pay heed to the small. She tells us that small things can be of great value; they could be like God in life. Love is like a bed of roses and blushes around the cheek bones. But Roy sees it differently. Love is concern and understanding between siblings and villagers. She explicates love between siblings and inter-caste love that communicates the feeling powerfully. A lady does not see anyone in her community as the person who can kindle her heart and understand her children. It is rather a small time house helper who makes her forget all the problems in life. He is seen as a person with hope and strength. She calls him “The God of small things. She narrates the love story between a sister of the owner and a worker take shape in a conservative culture. She tells us the tale that has no blushes, but sympathy. It has no music but a two silent beings who fathom the troubled tales of each other. ”. Her children travel throughout the world, meet and interact with people around. Yet, they understand the voice of each other more than anyone else. Nothing in the world attracts them. They are only charmed by their understanding for each other. They find solace when they spend time with each other. Besides the inter-caste love tale, Roy tells us the extent to which siblings can love each other.


Lalithaambika Antharjanam

A female usually speaks less. We mostly hear her through the voice of a male. Here, she is given a voice to express her actions. It seems like a confession or a pleading. But it is not the same. It is not a defensive voice that seems to state the reasons for what happened. It is rather, a strong voice that accepts the actions one has done. She does not make herself the guilty one. This guilt is rather transferred to society. She attacks the cause of her crime. She says she is not a criminal, but society has made her one. She tells us that salvation is achieved not by absolution from sin. It is received when one stands firm and accepts ones actions without apologizing or feeling guilty about the same when one has not done anything wrong. She informs us that it is not our community that has to determine if we have been wrong; but rather, it is we through our knowledge of ourselves and the situation that can determine the real culprit or the crime. It tells us the consequences of not allowing young girls to develop psycho-socially and love and marry at the appropriate age. It speaks about the need for the heart to feel a warm and reassuring in a relationship, rather than just have the status of the name and position of being a spouse to someone. It is not about the “Admission of Guilt” by self; rather it is the admission of guilt of the social construction. 



We often feel that pious and innocent writing does not use the beep in communicating thoughts. The beep is used to show the aggression of the present generation. It is also used by male authors since it suits their writing style. Vinodini challenges this thought. She used the beep. This was used to speak about the fuming mind of the people that are not respected because of social exclusion. She uses the beep to inform the readers that the cruelties that the people were subject to were of greater relevance than the beep. It spoke not about the action, rather about the torture that disturbed the livelihood of people because they seem to have less dignity due to the work they did and the place they lived. She also showed us the significance of women in society. She told us how they can yell their voices to the highest decibel if they have been beaten, thrown and have had to listen to the grueling voices of people around them. They did not respond with silence but have requested for a fair trial. They have also been the noteworthy people of the community, who have made the entire village feel vulnerable without their role in the matters. They have been messengers of peace and been solutions to problems. Vinodini is their voice. She uses this to challenge the facade based society. She quenches this “Thirst” of the community.

Freedom of speech and expression


Image credits: Christal Ferrao

Freedom of speech and expression is not just a modern day practice, but rather a dedication to the martyrs of the then freedom struggles in a country that lost their lives so that we could achieve this freedom and be allowed to articulate our viewpoints in order to change the stringent process practiced by the colonial powers. It is a part of Article 19 of the Indian Constitution.  This is the essence of democracy and calls for free debate and discussion to enable citizens to understand issues around them and form their opinions based on the discussions. It helps citizens to perform their democratic duties effectively.

It is like an encouragement to enable artist generate a plethora of ideas without fear. It invites performers from their respective domains to bring to the forefront a huge array of perspectives that could serve to change the policies and practices of a country. This could be well seen in films made by filmmakers like Rajkumar Hirani, Prakash Jha, Kamala Hassan and certain others. They have gone by the actual role of their art to be just not one to ideate but also profess an ideology of being anti-establishment so that one side of it does not only receive the selective light but every side so that it can be seen in totality and developed if seen as faulty.

But questions and faults are not easily digested. Hence, in the recent past this glorified freedom has taken a back seat.  Censorship and politically supportive pieces have become a celebrated priority.  “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear”, as stated by George Orwell. Hence irrespective of the content and favoritism it is a need to shape public opinion in society. Hence there are debates and discussions, documentaries, investigative developmental journalism and citizen journalism that have emerged in the post-modern times so that all views are amassed and presented. The citizens of a country can then take a stance based on it and contribute to effective governing of a country. The right to information, anti-corruption campaigns, gender sensitization and scams in various areas in society are some talks of the town that emerged in the light of it.

On one hand it is these criticisms that help the political persons to improve in their functioning processes and mend the system accordingly. While on the other hand it could benefit the political climate as in the case of Donald Trump, who after so much criticism from the media still managed to be elected as the President of USA.  It also helps people improve or sort out the differences of the nation if an individual is given to make a point that could transform into a standpoint in the future.

It also calls for the need of people of a community or culture to examine their practices of a society as seen in works of Perumal Murugan and Salman Rushdie. It also makes people think about the way they actually view society as seen in paintings of MF Hussain. But many times it is the artist that is questioned and not the issue. Only certain people like Khushwant Singh with his then column and Cyrus Broacha- Kunal Vijaykar with their television show through satire have not been victimized for their free expression although they have been criticized quite often for it.

A free mind and world is like an open chamber of new thoughts and ideas. It helps writers, artists, thinkers and decision makers to explore an issue by looking at a canvas of views and take a stance on various issues to facilitate effective functioning. Hence there is a need for freedom of speech and expression.

O dear Goa

O dear Goa

Collage credits: Google Images and Christal Ferrao

Dear Goa,

It has been 21 years since we have known each other. I know, due to certain circumstances, I had to leave you after 18 years; but this did not hinder the bond we shared. You are still a friend. Actually, I got to know you better living away from you. I understood your potential and agony as well.

You symbolize beauty with your natural evergreen skin tone with all the plantations that are the spice of the land. You are associated with the pride of heritage with stories of mauryas, shahs and Portuguese viceroys who made you an integral part of their life tales; coupled with the religious person you are. You know all the colours that make the brush work magic on canvas and have interest in trying something new with your melodious voice, active body and dramatic qualities. You are eager to know about the next book, want to watch the new theatrical and musical performance. You are not lazy; you are a silent worker and can complete assigned tasks with sincerity. Then why do people leave you? Why do I have to stay away from you?

People usually say you are a party person; you are always at clubs dancing throughout the night. You like to have fun always; serious work is not your cup of tea. They say you are intoxicated with all the pleasures and substances the world has known. Gambling is the game you are good at, and you always smell of hot liquid and smoke. Many feel you do not know what work culture is because you are 24×7 on a holiday. You spend your entire day near a beach, Is it true?

You have helped students with cyber equipment to facilitate advanced learning. This has helped them use the digital medium to know about life stories of people before them, recent happening around them and reasons for why things happen as they do. You also have the potential to provide assistance when persons need to write books, perform and display their talents. You have so much to offer; but no one knows about these.

You seem like an object for fun only. People come have the time of their life; and later, you are forgotten and criticized for being lazy and no good for work. Hence, probably you are surrounded by crowds, but yet alone. When will people understand the glow in you?

Some leave you, but they still love you. They know your potential and they want to inform the world the graceful person you are. Others do not leave you; they live with you without making any effort to improve your situation. They leave you the way you are.  They only want to use you to satisfy themselves. They only realize your agony when they shatter seeing people around the world performing better than them in life.

You cannot afford to continue like this dear friend. You are destroying the good glow that is hidden in you. Do not allow people to use you. Speak up and be firm about your desires and qualities. If you do the same you will not be left alone.

Your true friends left for your benefit because they want to let the world know the talented and industrious person you are. They want to remove every bit of substances that has destroyed you. They want to save you from the abuse of becoming a product of fun. They want to maintain your image as a well-focused person for whom work is the only priority.

You have nurtured great professionals in your womb. But due to the difficult situation you were in you could not take care of them as adults. You had to leave them. Fun seems more important than your growth as a competent professional, according to people around.

Your friends who left you have sent a message. They say they want to return and grow with you. Make you the person you truly are. But well you need to fight the people who do not want to develop you but use you. You need to tell the people who live with you to wake up from their slumber and help you.

Hope we can be together again and walk to the shores of progress in life. Let us pray and hope for the best.

Kind Regards and Best Wishes,

Christal Ferrao.

Mind, Body and Health


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“Your body hears everything your mind says”. The bio psychosocial model in health psychology describes both, body and mind as one unit. They coexist, and no one aspect is separate from the other. Hence, often it is the mind that is the road to our wellbeing.

People often report occurrences of a heavy head or body incapable of much activity in life, without much visible symptoms. The air is soothing when you breathe. But yet people feel it is gloomy. Why is it? “All that we are arises from the way we think, with our thoughts we make the world”, quotes Buddha. When one feels no one is around, one experience a battlefield like situation with people in life, or does not feel fire run through the stomach or feels like something heavy has been placed on one’s shoulders in life. These have effects on health. The head feels heavy, the muscles experience a strain and the stomach feels restricted. This is enough to make someone unhealthy and give rise to numerous health problems. Did you wonder why you were pinched with a common cold or your digestion process did not go well? This could be the probable cause of the same.

Stress is an important factor that has been discussed by health psychologists. When people feel the work they do does not make them smile anymore. The people they talk to do not make them feel active like their body has become a battery without charge. This takes a toll on their health as they become weak. It often hinders the process of being able to work, interact or learn with illnesses. Hence, people report a relapse during acute illnesses like flu and stomach infections. This often has serious effects and leads to chronic illness like hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Food is a very important part of a person’s life. It is one of the basic necessities in life.  On one hand, the sight of healthy and mouthwatering food makes one rotate ones tongue and smile with a show of one’s teeth. People feel happy and are eager to eat. On the other hand, if one see’s food that is not suitable to one’s tastes and preferences; this makes people complain about the taste and sight of the food. This prolonged complaining leads to a bad mood. This bad mood later makes the body feel sick, thus leading to the rise of health problems.

A peaceful mind is prerequisite for a calm body. If the mind is disturbed or seems like a undecided traveler without shelter, the body feels weak due to this strain. The person is unable to sleep well due to the same. This prevents the body from required rest; thus contributing to the rise of illness. Hence, sleep is an important part of life. Our religious tell us that even God rested after work. This suggests the need to have required amount of hours of sleep, so that the body gets enough time to calm down and refresh for the next activity.

A peaceful mind when awake is also achieved through meditation.  This is one such activity that relaxes all the muscles in the body as well and provides a state of serenity to the mind. This is a dual system of achievement of calmness. The body and the mind feel healthy. This makes the person feel strong.

Mind and Body are not separate from one another. They combine to form a human being. In a similar way they are intertwined to each other. They co-exist and need equal attention for the overall well-being of a person. Like the mother and father help the baby grow, the body and mind helps healthy actions to be promoted in society.


The heart is just like a child


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The heart is just like a child. It does not age, though its carrier does. It stays youthful forever. It appreciates care from people; it looks forward to spending time with friends and family and is always on the go to explore a career of choice.  Hence just like a child it is always on a quest to seek such kind of vivacity in nature. What is this verve? It is love, care and friendship that every person is in need of. We choose happiness over sadness, relationship over breakup and fondness over conflict and loneliness. Therefore we frequently tour down the memory lane to visit places like ancestral villages, educational institutions and site seeing destinations to reminisce all this nostalgia of tenderness.

We feel at home when people feel blessed to have us in their lives and are concerned of us. This is welcoming. We feel motivated when people compliment us for our talents and value system. This serves as an encouragement. We feel strong with a cozy blanket like hug and just want to erase all the hostility, despair and melancholy in our life.

We remember our school and college days not for the academic information, but rather for the friendship musings. These include the classroom humour sessions, the discussions on the way we view life and spending time pondering about our childhood.  The more memories we have of such affectionate times the more we cherish these days. It remains fresh in our minds forever.

Love is like an emotional cleanser to rid our lives of all the perils of the envy and hatred we are bound to experience on hard days of life. It is like a medicine that facilitates recovery from these hardships. We perform well in life during such goodwill times because it acts like a tonic to motivate us to work, learn, visit places and nurture our talents. This destroys all the fear and anxieties that stem from perceived lack of support. Psychological research states that it is through love that one is able to deal with unresolved conflicts such as lack of communication in relationships and aggressive behavior in our surroundings that could lead to mental conflicts in the unconscious mind and thus manage and prevent the possibilities of psychological disorders.

Love is a like a divine gift that makes us courageous during times of uncertainty. It is part of all religious scriptures. One considers love as the greatest commandment of all. It emphasizes people to love both God and people. A person can overcome sin with this love. The other calls it a way of life. It states that when we love a person, we want to be near them at all times, we go out of our way to show this by giving gifts and sharing our experiences to receive love from others. It is a support during times of illness and an encouragement during difficult times. In yet another the word appears frequently in the book with emphasis that if we love someone we ought to make it known to them through various means and ways. Thus the heart is like a child, always in search of love far and wide.

The Goan Cinema and the undiscovered pearl of potential


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The state of Goa though small in size, has seen some films been produced in the recent past. These films have had some unique cinematic features that the Goan film fraternity ought to be proud of.

The famous sequel

This was seen for the first time in Home Sweet Home. The first part of the small enterprise released in December 2014. It was based on the fight for right towards self-owned, ancestral obtained property that was lost in a battle of thrust and friendship. The friend and caretaker of the property of the protagonist sold this property to a builder as land to construct apartments. The first part spoke about the sudden disbelief in friendship, having to come to terms that a building had been constructed on the land that once housed his old pride villa and the struggle to obtain the same again. It ended in suspense that was to be revealed in the sequel. The sequel happened soon without delay the following year in December 2015. In the latter part the main characters who were shown as helpless initially returned as confident heroic characters this time. It ended on a positive note wherein the victim attained justice after a long battle of a vicious property conflict. This speaks about the possibility for growth in Goa’s film industry, since it has to its credit a film that has seen a sequel that could have been a problem if you take into consideration the small audience number and financial  difficulties Goan filmmakers face.

The splendor of cinematography

People usually appreciate films for their story and narrative style. But there are others, of late who focus on the technical aspects of film-making, cinematography is one of them. This serves like a big screen tour for the audience that just does not speak about the character and conflict but also introduces you to the locations of the film. The recently released film K Sera Sera, was one such film that made the usually small city of Panaji appear like a big splendid city on camera. Goan audiences saw the mandovi bridges (the gateway to the city), landscape around Rua de Oreme (known as golden street), the small bridge of Fontaihnes and the red, blue, yellow and white coloured buildings of Panaji, a city so close to them just like they would for other famous cities in Bollywood and Hollywood films. This suggests the technical knowledge in film-making of people of this small state. This should be given keen attention and used as a technique to improve the quality of film-making in Goa.

A theme of National importance not explored by popular cinema

Local films often focus on themes with local flavor or try to imitate popular culture. The film Enemy seemed a bit different. Hence it also qualified for a national award.  The film did have a local touch to it in terms of character and location, but it spoke about the Enemy property act and its repercussions on Indians who acquired Pakistani citizenship. In the film, the protagonist, an army man was left awestruck when he visited his village in Goa from a state outside India after many years. His land was seized by officials of the government of India because his father was found to be a citizen of Pakistan despite his family acquiring citizenship of India and his son being part of the Indian army personnel. This theme has significance in the larger national scene but has not seen the light of the day either in popular cinema or reportage. This film educated people about the same.

The Goan film industry does have the parameters that are required for an industry to remain functional in contemporary times. It is just in need of proper recognition and platform for development. This speaks about the bright possibilities of the industry in the coming years.