I heard it therefore I speak

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“I heard it therefore I speak”, is a common statement made by someone we all are familiar with. This someone does not need an introduction since they are less interested in being famous rather they are interested in another person’s life. When the person wakes up, what the person does, what does the person do with his or her phone and why is a person so active on social networking sites. There seems to be less concern in the questions and more of interrogation and often there are fewer quests to know if the person is in the pink of health or if a person plans to travel, learn or earn; rather the seeker aims to make merry with the failures and health issues of the his or her target. The latter seems more fascinating than the former.

They do not like when you post anything on social networking sites even if it could be with relevance to your dear and near ones who are active on such sites and appreciate it as a platform to speak about one’s opinions and also know the views of the world simultaneously. It lets you discuss, appreciate, critic and debate. But these words do not exist in the dictionary of such a noise maker who is only interested in creating a ruckus with one’s voice and choosing to not to develop oneself and adapt to the changes of the present times. They are incapable of adjusting to the change hence they consider it as a monster in the lives of people.

They are not even pseudo journalists. In fact they are a threat to journalism since they have no interest in quality news. The lives of others and gossips that surround it seem intriguing. A sudden breakup in a relationship, a child who does not return home with an outstanding report card after exams, relationship tussles seem like sugar to their flowing milk of gossips. They ruin every enthusiasm and active conversations that could stem up from great news. They consider NEWS as Never-ending Elaboration and Wrong Suppositions. If you question, well they only have the right to question someone and not be questioned. They feel that it is their right to know about your life while you have no room in the events of their lives. They erupt like a volcano awaiting the escape of its larva in the atmosphere. And just like the volcano heats its physical surroundings, they heat the emotional surroundings.

They always begin the confusion wherever they go. They love to shout over spilt milk and disrupt the peaceful melody of the house. They cannot stop telling the tale of another person. This promotion of other sounds good but when it becomes the talk of the town and threatens the respectful image of a person, then you cannot force a person through such suffocation of being victims to unpleasant tales being narrated far and wide like it was some parable or Shakespearean sonnet. And if you happen to find out the reason for such a display of unending blabber, all they would say is, “I heard it therefore I speak”.



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