Red a Saviour

bd.jpg Image source: World Health Organization

People around stood with arms folded and began rubbing across their goose skinned bodies. It was early December. But the weather did not matter. People were shivering. They said it was not the cold but they were trembling since something was about to happen. What was it? The clock showed 8 O’clock. It was prime time. Was it time to know some breaking news? The sound of heart beats seemed as if it was the focus of the moment rather than the chitter chatter and beeping sounds around. And suddenly you could hear crying in the background. Severina delivered a baby girl.

Everyone was glad to have a young baby in their midst. But the heartbeats and trembling increased. What was wrong? The doctor said that Severina was nearing the moment of death and only blood could let her live. Joseph, her husband along with her friends and family ran errands to make these precious red drops available to her. After these 12 hours of running around and despair the new born baby began laughing. What just happened? Mitzie saw her mother was alive.

Mitzie did not know what this meant to her but the crescent shaped lips emanated her joy. Her greatest gift on earth, her mother was alive. Hence she never lost her optimism in life. She would always keep the house in high spirits by running around, singing, talking and dancing. Now she is a young adult in her early twenties. She has understood the importance of those red drops in her life. She says, “Those drops were a savior. It is because of them I have my mother in my midst till this day.”

This increased her concern about life in society. Hence she makes it a point to donate her precious red drops since it was drops like these that saved her mother’s life. She has never told her mother how she feels to see her alive till this day. She knows that having her alive has been like a deep rooted foundation without which it would seem next to impossible to live.

Severina is firm yet not strict. She always allowed Mitzie to experience life without constant interference. Mitzie could visit any website, watch any television programme and speak about all her feelings. Severina did not want to stop her from doing anything. She allowed her to sing and dance without judging her or telling her to stop it and keep silent. Besides all these permissions she was free to refuse doing things she did not like. It could have been going for any service or performing a task seen as a compulsion in society. There was no assertion. Mitzie feels so blessed. What could have happened if Severina was no more?

Mitzie would have never wanted to celebrate her birthday since it would coincide with the day her mother died. She would never find meaning in anything. She would have been in the watchful surrounding of another person who would have not been like Severina to her. She probably would not have grown to be the brave and talented girl she is today. She prefers to not think about the possible death of her mother because she is glad her mother is alive.


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