The heart is just like a child


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The heart is just like a child. It does not age, though its carrier does. It stays youthful forever. It appreciates care from people; it looks forward to spending time with friends and family and is always on the go to explore a career of choice.  Hence just like a child it is always on a quest to seek such kind of vivacity in nature. What is this verve? It is love, care and friendship that every person is in need of. We choose happiness over sadness, relationship over breakup and fondness over conflict and loneliness. Therefore we frequently tour down the memory lane to visit places like ancestral villages, educational institutions and site seeing destinations to reminisce all this nostalgia of tenderness.

We feel at home when people feel blessed to have us in their lives and are concerned of us. This is welcoming. We feel motivated when people compliment us for our talents and value system. This serves as an encouragement. We feel strong with a cozy blanket like hug and just want to erase all the hostility, despair and melancholy in our life.

We remember our school and college days not for the academic information, but rather for the friendship musings. These include the classroom humour sessions, the discussions on the way we view life and spending time pondering about our childhood.  The more memories we have of such affectionate times the more we cherish these days. It remains fresh in our minds forever.

Love is like an emotional cleanser to rid our lives of all the perils of the envy and hatred we are bound to experience on hard days of life. It is like a medicine that facilitates recovery from these hardships. We perform well in life during such goodwill times because it acts like a tonic to motivate us to work, learn, visit places and nurture our talents. This destroys all the fear and anxieties that stem from perceived lack of support. Psychological research states that it is through love that one is able to deal with unresolved conflicts such as lack of communication in relationships and aggressive behavior in our surroundings that could lead to mental conflicts in the unconscious mind and thus manage and prevent the possibilities of psychological disorders.

Love is a like a divine gift that makes us courageous during times of uncertainty. It is part of all religious scriptures. One considers love as the greatest commandment of all. It emphasizes people to love both God and people. A person can overcome sin with this love. The other calls it a way of life. It states that when we love a person, we want to be near them at all times, we go out of our way to show this by giving gifts and sharing our experiences to receive love from others. It is a support during times of illness and an encouragement during difficult times. In yet another the word appears frequently in the book with emphasis that if we love someone we ought to make it known to them through various means and ways. Thus the heart is like a child, always in search of love far and wide.


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