Mind, Body and Health


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“Your body hears everything your mind says”. The bio psychosocial model in health psychology describes both, body and mind as one unit. They coexist, and no one aspect is separate from the other. Hence, often it is the mind that is the road to our wellbeing.

People often report occurrences of a heavy head or body incapable of much activity in life, without much visible symptoms. The air is soothing when you breathe. But yet people feel it is gloomy. Why is it? “All that we are arises from the way we think, with our thoughts we make the world”, quotes Buddha. When one feels no one is around, one experience a battlefield like situation with people in life, or does not feel fire run through the stomach or feels like something heavy has been placed on one’s shoulders in life. These have effects on health. The head feels heavy, the muscles experience a strain and the stomach feels restricted. This is enough to make someone unhealthy and give rise to numerous health problems. Did you wonder why you were pinched with a common cold or your digestion process did not go well? This could be the probable cause of the same.

Stress is an important factor that has been discussed by health psychologists. When people feel the work they do does not make them smile anymore. The people they talk to do not make them feel active like their body has become a battery without charge. This takes a toll on their health as they become weak. It often hinders the process of being able to work, interact or learn with illnesses. Hence, people report a relapse during acute illnesses like flu and stomach infections. This often has serious effects and leads to chronic illness like hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Food is a very important part of a person’s life. It is one of the basic necessities in life.  On one hand, the sight of healthy and mouthwatering food makes one rotate ones tongue and smile with a show of one’s teeth. People feel happy and are eager to eat. On the other hand, if one see’s food that is not suitable to one’s tastes and preferences; this makes people complain about the taste and sight of the food. This prolonged complaining leads to a bad mood. This bad mood later makes the body feel sick, thus leading to the rise of health problems.

A peaceful mind is prerequisite for a calm body. If the mind is disturbed or seems like a undecided traveler without shelter, the body feels weak due to this strain. The person is unable to sleep well due to the same. This prevents the body from required rest; thus contributing to the rise of illness. Hence, sleep is an important part of life. Our religious tell us that even God rested after work. This suggests the need to have required amount of hours of sleep, so that the body gets enough time to calm down and refresh for the next activity.

A peaceful mind when awake is also achieved through meditation.  This is one such activity that relaxes all the muscles in the body as well and provides a state of serenity to the mind. This is a dual system of achievement of calmness. The body and the mind feel healthy. This makes the person feel strong.

Mind and Body are not separate from one another. They combine to form a human being. In a similar way they are intertwined to each other. They co-exist and need equal attention for the overall well-being of a person. Like the mother and father help the baby grow, the body and mind helps healthy actions to be promoted in society.



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