O dear Goa

O dear Goa

Collage credits: Google Images and Christal Ferrao

Dear Goa,

It has been 21 years since we have known each other. I know, due to certain circumstances, I had to leave you after 18 years; but this did not hinder the bond we shared. You are still a friend. Actually, I got to know you better living away from you. I understood your potential and agony as well.

You symbolize beauty with your natural evergreen skin tone with all the plantations that are the spice of the land. You are associated with the pride of heritage with stories of mauryas, shahs and Portuguese viceroys who made you an integral part of their life tales; coupled with the religious person you are. You know all the colours that make the brush work magic on canvas and have interest in trying something new with your melodious voice, active body and dramatic qualities. You are eager to know about the next book, want to watch the new theatrical and musical performance. You are not lazy; you are a silent worker and can complete assigned tasks with sincerity. Then why do people leave you? Why do I have to stay away from you?

People usually say you are a party person; you are always at clubs dancing throughout the night. You like to have fun always; serious work is not your cup of tea. They say you are intoxicated with all the pleasures and substances the world has known. Gambling is the game you are good at, and you always smell of hot liquid and smoke. Many feel you do not know what work culture is because you are 24×7 on a holiday. You spend your entire day near a beach, Is it true?

You have helped students with cyber equipment to facilitate advanced learning. This has helped them use the digital medium to know about life stories of people before them, recent happening around them and reasons for why things happen as they do. You also have the potential to provide assistance when persons need to write books, perform and display their talents. You have so much to offer; but no one knows about these.

You seem like an object for fun only. People come have the time of their life; and later, you are forgotten and criticized for being lazy and no good for work. Hence, probably you are surrounded by crowds, but yet alone. When will people understand the glow in you?

Some leave you, but they still love you. They know your potential and they want to inform the world the graceful person you are. Others do not leave you; they live with you without making any effort to improve your situation. They leave you the way you are.  They only want to use you to satisfy themselves. They only realize your agony when they shatter seeing people around the world performing better than them in life.

You cannot afford to continue like this dear friend. You are destroying the good glow that is hidden in you. Do not allow people to use you. Speak up and be firm about your desires and qualities. If you do the same you will not be left alone.

Your true friends left for your benefit because they want to let the world know the talented and industrious person you are. They want to remove every bit of substances that has destroyed you. They want to save you from the abuse of becoming a product of fun. They want to maintain your image as a well-focused person for whom work is the only priority.

You have nurtured great professionals in your womb. But due to the difficult situation you were in you could not take care of them as adults. You had to leave them. Fun seems more important than your growth as a competent professional, according to people around.

Your friends who left you have sent a message. They say they want to return and grow with you. Make you the person you truly are. But well you need to fight the people who do not want to develop you but use you. You need to tell the people who live with you to wake up from their slumber and help you.

Hope we can be together again and walk to the shores of progress in life. Let us pray and hope for the best.

Kind Regards and Best Wishes,

Christal Ferrao.


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