Red a Saviour

bd.jpg Image source: World Health Organization

People around stood with arms folded and began rubbing across their goose skinned bodies. It was early December. But the weather did not matter. People were shivering. They said it was not the cold but they were trembling since something was about to happen. What was it? The clock showed 8 O’clock. It was prime time. Was it time to know some breaking news? The sound of heart beats seemed as if it was the focus of the moment rather than the chitter chatter and beeping sounds around. And suddenly you could hear crying in the background. Severina delivered a baby girl.

Everyone was glad to have a young baby in their midst. But the heartbeats and trembling increased. What was wrong? The doctor said that Severina was nearing the moment of death and only blood could let her live. Joseph, her husband along with her friends and family ran errands to make these precious red drops available to her. After these 12 hours of running around and despair the new born baby began laughing. What just happened? Mitzie saw her mother was alive.

Mitzie did not know what this meant to her but the crescent shaped lips emanated her joy. Her greatest gift on earth, her mother was alive. Hence she never lost her optimism in life. She would always keep the house in high spirits by running around, singing, talking and dancing. Now she is a young adult in her early twenties. She has understood the importance of those red drops in her life. She says, “Those drops were a savior. It is because of them I have my mother in my midst till this day.”

This increased her concern about life in society. Hence she makes it a point to donate her precious red drops since it was drops like these that saved her mother’s life. She has never told her mother how she feels to see her alive till this day. She knows that having her alive has been like a deep rooted foundation without which it would seem next to impossible to live.

Severina is firm yet not strict. She always allowed Mitzie to experience life without constant interference. Mitzie could visit any website, watch any television programme and speak about all her feelings. Severina did not want to stop her from doing anything. She allowed her to sing and dance without judging her or telling her to stop it and keep silent. Besides all these permissions she was free to refuse doing things she did not like. It could have been going for any service or performing a task seen as a compulsion in society. There was no assertion. Mitzie feels so blessed. What could have happened if Severina was no more?

Mitzie would have never wanted to celebrate her birthday since it would coincide with the day her mother died. She would never find meaning in anything. She would have been in the watchful surrounding of another person who would have not been like Severina to her. She probably would not have grown to be the brave and talented girl she is today. She prefers to not think about the possible death of her mother because she is glad her mother is alive.


I heard it therefore I speak

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“I heard it therefore I speak”, is a common statement made by someone we all are familiar with. This someone does not need an introduction since they are less interested in being famous rather they are interested in another person’s life. When the person wakes up, what the person does, what does the person do with his or her phone and why is a person so active on social networking sites. There seems to be less concern in the questions and more of interrogation and often there are fewer quests to know if the person is in the pink of health or if a person plans to travel, learn or earn; rather the seeker aims to make merry with the failures and health issues of the his or her target. The latter seems more fascinating than the former.

They do not like when you post anything on social networking sites even if it could be with relevance to your dear and near ones who are active on such sites and appreciate it as a platform to speak about one’s opinions and also know the views of the world simultaneously. It lets you discuss, appreciate, critic and debate. But these words do not exist in the dictionary of such a noise maker who is only interested in creating a ruckus with one’s voice and choosing to not to develop oneself and adapt to the changes of the present times. They are incapable of adjusting to the change hence they consider it as a monster in the lives of people.

They are not even pseudo journalists. In fact they are a threat to journalism since they have no interest in quality news. The lives of others and gossips that surround it seem intriguing. A sudden breakup in a relationship, a child who does not return home with an outstanding report card after exams, relationship tussles seem like sugar to their flowing milk of gossips. They ruin every enthusiasm and active conversations that could stem up from great news. They consider NEWS as Never-ending Elaboration and Wrong Suppositions. If you question, well they only have the right to question someone and not be questioned. They feel that it is their right to know about your life while you have no room in the events of their lives. They erupt like a volcano awaiting the escape of its larva in the atmosphere. And just like the volcano heats its physical surroundings, they heat the emotional surroundings.

They always begin the confusion wherever they go. They love to shout over spilt milk and disrupt the peaceful melody of the house. They cannot stop telling the tale of another person. This promotion of other sounds good but when it becomes the talk of the town and threatens the respectful image of a person, then you cannot force a person through such suffocation of being victims to unpleasant tales being narrated far and wide like it was some parable or Shakespearean sonnet. And if you happen to find out the reason for such a display of unending blabber, all they would say is, “I heard it therefore I speak”.


The insider outsider tussle continues……..


Image source: The Times of India

The recent incident of a sudden clash that happened in Merces Goa among few local goons and tourists from Maharashtra was a shocking one. The village that challenged its image of past arrogance and transformed itself as a peaceful place saw history repeat itself. This was discussed widely with great concerns. The Mhadei water dispute continues to threaten peaceful relations between Goa and Karnataka. This could have been a spark for differences between Goa and Maharashtra. But amidst all these concerns the villagers played the peacemaker rather than provoke further arguments. They chose to question the violent behavior of people like them while providing a protective shelter to those who seemed less like them. With this there was an unstoppable appreciation of their peace loving response.

Well this certainly needs to be lauded. But amidst the entire sweet flavor the grapes continue to be slightly sour. This could have certainly been discussed to the benefit of both or either ignored peacefully just like the response after the violence. Even as people avoid the muscle tussle they choose to weigh the greatness of one’s human qualities to create a propaganda of labeling oneself as an example of peace while questioning the destructive behavior of the other. This creates a sort of covert aggression wherein the need to maintain good relationships is secondary, while the hype of showcasing one’s peacemaker quality is the primary concern. It is not about we are one but rather about who is greater than the other in terms of their human attributes.

It is a good attitude to promote human values in society. But one needs to be mindful to know when this campaign like behavior could actually be leading to hostility towards a person. This will ensure that the larger concern of harmony is not endangered. Goodwill should be practiced for the benefit of both and not just one.

A traveler in Transit


Home is where the heart is. But the qualities of one’s heart is not determined by one’s home, rather it is shaped by the many life experiences one encounters away from home. Hence people travel. Some travel for leisure while there are others who travel to explore opportunities of a desired career.  I came across an article a couple of weeks ago that mentioned about the current trend of moving out of one’s home state to experience life in another state. The article described the relationship between the home state and the state one travels to for career opportunities. But there is a saying, the more the merrier. This is my third city and state in this very short period of educational exploration now. Welcome to Pune.

Pune in a nutshell is like a little of Goa and Bengaluru. While on the highways and flyovers you think about your days in Bengaluru. And during a trip to the streets and lanes you could forget you are in Pune for once and feel like you are somewhere in Goa. It is like a spatial déjà vu. But as they say every city has a taste of its own. What makes Pune special?

The first eighteen years of my life were spent on the shores and plains of Goa. Later I moved to the busy metropolitan based life in the Deccan plateaus in Bengaluru. And now this seems like an adventure and exploratory based life in the hills of Pune. Why I call this exploratory? Well, it is here in Pune that my phone camera has fallen in love with the green glories of the land. It simply does not want to miss any scenic capture of its natural beauty. Now my phone has less of buildings, words and people and more of flowers, landscapes and greenery. Besides being a writer, I feel like an amateur photographer.

Another saying from the book of quotes states that life is a balance of something and nothing at the same time. You gain something and you lose something as well. Hence despite the three years of experience of living away from home I felt something missing, but later I was so occupied with the natural expanse of green and the new voices of people around that I felt like I knew this place long ago. We had a week long activity to get to know one another. This seemed weird initially since nothing was happening in the academic front, but I realized that in order to have a blooming professional life one first needs to be socially rooted and establish friendships around for a well-balanced life. This seems like a good start of Pune diaries. I hope this spirit of optimism continues and look forward to memorable years in this new city.